An excessive consumption can lead to side effects such as kidney fatigue because there is an excessive production of nitrogenous waste, but we must also pay attention to overcooking of this type of meat: the coals for example, should be restricted as it is responsible for the production of carcinogens black pig meat company hong kong.

Furthermore, if we consume sausages in abundance we must bear in mind that for the refining process to which hams, bacon and cured meats are subjected in general, they involve the excessive use of sugars, salts, nitrates and preservatives, which among the side effects can also create migraines. and depression berkshire pig meat hong kong.

So how can we cook pork without causing damage to health? Here are some tips on how to prepare it.

To cook pork without too much damage to our health and consequences for the line we should avoid overcooking it but above all it would be advisable to opt for lean cuts, simple to prepare, more digestible and healthy.

The pork is roasted can cook after it is flavored with spices such as pepper, fennel seeds, rosemary and bay leaf to enhance the flavor. For grilling the most suitable cuts are those of chops, ribs and sausages, tasty but also very fat cuts, while the pork breast and shoulder are very suitable for the preparation.

The thigh part, together with the loin and the fillet, is the leanest and lends itself very well to grilling: also in this case, to flavor it, you can opt for a marinade in the refrigerator before cooking. After three or four hours it is removed and left at room temperature and then roasted at room temperature.