Your money would go to a worthwhile purpose if you research the organization and exercise good judgment. No one would like that their money is donation be used for other purposes, so choosing a charity foundation like lee shau kee foundation is very important. Below are a few considerations to assist you in getting the most bangs for your buck.

  • Check for charity registration: Checking an institution’s registration as a charitable organization is an essential step before donating. There is a distinction to be made between becoming a nonbeneficiary organization and gaining charity status. Being a charity organization enables the organization to provide tax receipts to contributions. The foundation which is owned by lee shau kee always provides you with the receipts. Contributors will be eligible for both individual and company incomes tax relief as a result of their contributions.
  • Check financial statements: Many experts advise that any organization that receives over a quarter huge amount of money in donation provide inspected financial records. These remarks will be posted on the websites of charity organizations. Others, on the other hand, may ignore your demand for this data or even refuse it outright. What does that say about how it intends to use your donations? It says a lot about an organization’s willingness and ability to perceive contributors as companions to sponsors. It is preferable to walk away if the charity lacks financial openness.


Hope you will remember the above points and check them before doing your charity to any organization.