With the increase in the population it has become very difficult to to meet the the necessities of the population with the manpower that has available. As the population of the elderly people has been increased tremendously and these people are being diagnosed with various type of chronic diseases and other more complications for which you required use number of population to analyse this problems. As it will increase the burden on the persons those who are working with this type of services the efficiency of the work will be decreases. So to increase the efficiency by using technology the agv hk have developed a system with which you can able to find all the things that you are looking for. It was developed in such a way that as it can be carried easily from one place to other place that the work of the persons will be easier. These are able to detect the missing things are able to detect the mysterious one and can easily help you to find out them. The asset management rfid tags are the one which can be easily to transport from one place to other place and it is very handy to carry the system. By using this system the accuracy of the work will be enhance which will not be possible by the manpower because of the increased population the world.


The efficiency of the work will be increased by using such technology where the work can’t be done by the humans.