This machine is similar in weight and size with a pot and it is used for warming the food container or babies’ bottles. There is an opening on the top where you can insert the bottle. When the switch is on, it heats the bottle. It works with the same mechanism as steam iron or pot. You need to fill the warmer with water contingent upon the size of the bottle that you are warming. Once, the water boils, the bottle will be warmed by the steam of the bubbling water.

You do not have to pour a ton of water. There is a measuring tube that comes with this machine. It is aligned. This will assist you with pouring the correct measure of water. In the event that the bottle is an enormous one, you need to pour more water. It might also require more time before the water will bubble. This does not imply that it will consume your time. No, it will still warmth your bottle faster than when you are using a pot of boiling water to warm the bottle.

At the point when you pour the water in the warmer, you need to switch on the machine. Inside a moment, the bottle warmer will create steam that will warm the bottle. Fortunately it will warm the bottle to the desired temperature and click

It has an auto-switch off component. This component makes it possible for the warmer to switch off naturally whenever it has warmed up to the desired temperature. So, you can even be warming your bottle and still be doing some other thing.

There are some warmer models that have caution system. The caution will sound when the warmer has finished warming. So, you can easily know when the bottle has been warmed well overall.

It does not normally require some investment for the bottle to be warmed to the desired temperature. This is something that you acquire by using this machine as opposed to using pot. Despite the value, it adds an incentive to your time. So, you will be saving a ton of time on the off chance that you are using the warmer instead of an ordinary pot.

At the point when you need to purchase the bottle warmer, it is advisable that you search for a warmer with additional features.

Some of the features are

  • Night light – which can be useful around evening time
  • Hire holder – for bringing food jars and bottles out of the warmer
  • Cooler – for saving the bottle cold for around 8 hours