Software the one thing that would run by the comments that was given by the developer and it will run according to the input that was given during the preparation. The erp system hong kong was developed because there are lots of departments that were working in the company and you have to keep constant eye and all those departments which is impossible thing. To make this impossible thing as a possible one they develop a software which will be helpful to monitor all the department so that you can avoid the mistakes that might happen. As your monitoring all the departments at one place it will be very easy to co-ordinate you to between the departments by reflecting the world that you are seeking from them. This will allow the inter department interaction and they can share their knowledge to the other persons by having constant interaction with the other people. The erp system is one of the best system as it reduces the work pressure for the people and the work will be completed very quickly and with much more accuracy. As you have included all the departments at one place you need to be away of the up gradation of the system software so that if any changes that would require for the better working efficiency of the software you can able to change them.


By using such software the interaction between the people in your company will be increased and the knowledge will be shared between each other.