In St. Kitts and Nevis you can choose whether to invest your money locally or simply make a donation to the government, in both you can be sure that the process will be quick and efficient.

The local investment citizenship program has existed since 1984, in the meantime some other countries have copied the formula and contents, but st. kitts & nevis citizenship always remains the original! They call themselves the region’s “platinum” program. Program entry requirements have not changed over time, you can make a donation of $ 250K or more to government funds or invest in real estate. Honestly, the first option has always been the most requested, as the local real estate sector unfortunately does not reach high quality standards. Following the tragic episodes that occurred recently, a joint investment fund “Hurricane Relief Fund” was launched and to facilitate the repopulation and economic recovery of the country destroyed by hurricanes, the government has eliminated the minimum threshold for access to the program, even granting free access to families. The st. kitts & nevis investment program the fund was closed and the minimum access capital to the program was raised to the sum of 150K dollars but still reduced compared to the initial sum of 250K.

The real estate investment option, on the other hand, provides for a minimum access capital of 200K dollars, there are many commercial offers, but the market is stagnant due to the enormous costs of bureaucracy. If you are in a hurry and a valid reason to justify the need, the government is able to issue the local citizenship and its passport in just 45 days, record time in the sector


Location paradisiaca

Visa free access Russia

Significantly reduced minimum capital


Stagnant real estate market

Property price overestimated

Visa Canada required starting in 2014