Uttar Pradesh Jansunwai Portal is one such portal. These days corruption is at its peak. People do not perform their duties properly. The state government has created this portal to get the problems faced by the normal citizens and to get their answers. Ordinarily this happens. That no employee or higher officer of the department listens to the complaints of unfortunate persons. So they do not get justice. He was unable to even dare to go to some other senior officer. Because to complain and furthermore have to face many types of problems. Be that as it may, presently the Uttar Pradesh government has solved these problems of the citizens of the country. Presently any citizen can complain against any employee, department or higher position officer through Uttar Pradesh Jansunwai Portal sitting at home. Also, move is initiated against that person, departmental officer quickly. Also, normal citizens are given their due. Citizens of Uttar Pradesh can now register just three complaints, which we have given below, read these complaints and register your complaint by registering formal proceeding online .

  • To get information about government schemes
  • Complaint related to public problem
  • also, complaints related to public demands

Huge number of hectares of land in Uttar Pradesh has fallen into the clutches of the bhu mafia or the land mafia. While the authorities are cracking down on such cases, many cases likewise go unreported.. This became essential, given the numerous cases where government land was usurped and used for private, illegal development. The bhunaksha Uttar Pradesh portal does provide some relief to prospective plot buyers and yet, individuals ought to know where to go, in case they need to report illegal developments or on the other hand assuming they come across packs operating in nexus with private developers. The team was constituted under the chairmanship of the chief secretary at the state level at the divisional level, region magistrate at the locale level and SDM at the tehsil level.

TheĀ Jansunwai Samadhan has established a team that will deal with land mafia within 15 days of receiving a complaint regarding illegal land operations. This team will likewise screen the removal of illegal occupations from land owned by the government, private, religious institutions, establishments, charitable trusts or unclaimed properties. This team will likewise identify the land mafia who occupy this land. The Anti-Land Mafia Task Force is likewise expected to prepare the list of illegal possession in every one of the areas. To ensure that every citizen can access Jansunwai, the UP government launched a mobile application, for registering citizen’s grievances or suggestions. The application is linked to the Jansunwai IGRS portal of the state government. When you register a complaint through the application, a unique reference number will be generated. Keep this number helpful. You will want to follow the progress of grievances, send reminders and furthermore give feedback after removal of complaint.